Situation Géographique

Rumilly in Albanian is located in Haute Savoie in the center of the Annecy triangle (Hte Savoie), Aix les Bains (Savoie), Seyssel (Hte Savoie).   The three passes are located on the Gros Foug and Chambotte Mountains between Albanians and Chautagne (north of Lake Bourget).   to go to Rumilly:   From Lyon, take the A 43 then the A 41, take the exit 15 then the departmental 3 and the D 910 to Rumilly.   From Bourg en Bresse: take the A 40, take exit 11 Eloise then the D 1508 and D 910 to Rumilly   to go to Saumont (commune of Ruffieux):   From Lyon, take the A 43 motorway exit 10, continue on the D 592. Take the D 992 then the D 24A, the D 1504, the   D 992 to Saumont.   From Bourg en Bresse: take the A 40, leave the motorway at exit 11 Eloise then D 992 and D 991 Jusque Saumont

Cyclo Club Rumillien * Défi Chautagne Albanais

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