Rules of the Challenge Chautagne Albanais

The Challenge "Chautagne Albanais" is open to anyone over the age of 18 who would perform during the day two, four or six ascents of the Clergeon, Sapenay and Chambotte passes by different faces on a bicycle moved by its only Muscular force. Several starts possible: Rumilly (Hte Savoy) - Saumont (Parking Super U) Commune of Ruffieux - Savoy.


The circuit will be obligatorily in the sense of the description.


The cyclist having realized: ¤

Two climbs will become PETIT TABANE ¤

Four climbs will become TABANE. ¤

six climbs will become GRAND TABANE




The registration form must reach the corresponding member accompanied by the amount of registration (10 Euros) at least ten days before the attempt. The candidate will receive a road map to point out and on which he will have to indicate his times of passage (During the holidays, remember to order your road map in advance.) . Warning: no attempt will be validated if the candidate has not registered in advance.





Four solutions to validate your route map:  

1) By punching: On the back of the panels, you will find punching pliers. You can use them to certify your passage.

2) With photos (plus, it makes memories ...): Take pictures of the starting villages and one at the top. Send them to me by email

3) By GPS survey: You can attach to the road map a hard copy of your GPS report It is of course possible to "patch" the types of pointing. In any case, do not forget to indicate your time of passage on the map (Remember to take a pencil).




The participants must respect the rules of the road, any traffic prohibitions and have proper lighting if it proves necessary. Participants must have civil liability insurance. Candidates are free hiking. In the event of an accident, the responsibility of the Club's managers can not be engaged in any case. Wearing the helmet is strongly recommended. The road is usually open during March until November.




¤ Plan your own supply of drinks and solids ¤ Shops in Rumilly, Saumont and Chindrieux ¤ Water point at Chambotte pass, Expilly, Clergeon road at Montagnet Et Praz




At the end of this memorable day, the candidate will send the original of his road map (Not a copy) to the organizer for its homologation. She will be returned with the diploma.

Cyclo Club Rumillien * Défi Chautagne Albanais

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